The APNR is equally suited to largescale plant energymanagement applications as to specific equipment monitoring tasks such as detecting conveyor jams and overloads or identifying dry running pumps

Power Monitor Tracks Machine or Entire Plant

June 24, 2014
Equally suited to unit monitoring or energy management Factory-configured 0-500 A or 0-2000 Connects directly to transducer; no potential transformer needed

The NK TECHNOLOGIES APN-R Series Power Monitor measures power usage of a single piece of equipment, an extensive machine system, an area of a plant, or an entire installation. The APN-R is equally suited to large-scale plant energy-management applications as to specific equipment monitoring tasks, such as detecting conveyor jams and overloads, or identifying dry running pumps caused from clogged intake or discharge lines, impeller cavitation, or bearing wear.

The APN-R is factory-configured with 0-500 A or 0-2000 A range flexible coils to measure the load current. The line voltage (up to 600 VAC) connects directly to the transducer; no potential transformer is needed unless the line voltage exceeds 600 volts. The ease of installation over multiple conductors or bus assemblies speeds installation and produces an accurate set of data that will identify areas of excessive energy consumption and allow intervention to reduce demand.

The APN-R measures three phases of current and voltage, and computes 14 values necessary to track the power usage. The monitor's digital format provides information on the system voltage, current, and power factor in addition to wattage. The monitor fits seamlessly into industrial communications networks, both hard wired and wireless depending on the specifics of the application. The RS485 Modbus RTU output reduces the cost involved with proprietary data logging software and is compatible with most automation systems. There is also a pulse contact which opens and closes as watt hours are accumulated.

Other features of the APN-R include: 24 VAC/DC, 120 or 240 VAC external power supply for improved reliability when used in conditions where power interruptions and voltage sags are common; compact, low profile DIN mounted housing to reduce cabinet depth requirements; clearly labeled finger-safe terminals for safe, secure connection and quick installation; and LED display for quick visual indication of network communication. The APN-R is designed to meet UL, CUL and CE Approval.