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Aerial Bucket Series

June 29, 2022
Ergodyne takes elevated worksites into a new class of safety with the Aerial Bucket Series.
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The World's Only ATEX Certified Ergonomic Safety Wearable

Sept. 24, 2021
The world’s first wearable solution and AI-driven coaching program from Soter Analytics prevents back & shoulder ergonomic injuries by up to 55%.
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Mobile Devices

HT3P Safety Commander

July 10, 2021
IDEC Safety Commander provides a unique, practical, and patented way for operators to use modern tablet interfaces with industrial machinery and equipment.
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Lifting Devices

Ottobock Paexo Back

July 1, 2021
Ottobock Paexo Back is a wearable exoskeleton that relieves pressure on a person’s back while the person is lifting an object. Giving workers full freedom of motion, Paexo...
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Ironhand 2.0

June 16, 2021
Bioservo Technologies has released an updated version of the exoskeleton glove—Ironhand 2.0, complete with improved activation, better grip, advanced data collection...
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Efficient, Ergonomic Laptop Cart

Jan. 23, 2021
Providing an economical solution for computing or light barcode printing applications, the LT Series Mobile Powered Laptop Cart powers a laptop or small thermal...
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Material Handling & Packaging

Vacuum Cups Power Ergonomic Lifters

Jan. 20, 2021
Vi-Cas Manufacturing offers a complete range of vacuum cups for ergonomic lifters used in the moving and handling of large, heavy, bulky or unwieldy products. Round, rectangular...
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Reflex Wearable: Worker Safety Device Increases Ergonomics

Sept. 2, 2020
KINETIC's wearable device helps facilitate social distancing, contact tracing, and a host of other safety and risk tracking.
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Customizable Tool Belt

June 12, 2020
Klein Tools' modular tool belt allows workers to carry and transport tools and parts in customizable options to fit their needs.