Ottobock Paexo Back

July 1, 2021

Ottobock Paexo Back is a wearable exoskeleton that relieves pressure on a person’s back while the person is lifting an object. Giving workers full freedom of motion, Paexo Back features an innovative control at the hip that automatically distinguishes between bending and walking and switches itself off during walking. The load is supported on the shoulders and transferred to the legs with the help of the exoskeleton’s support structure. Weighing just over 8 lb., it can be put on and off in seconds, worn comfortably all day, and does not need an energy supply.


A scientific study was conducted to analyze the effectiveness of wearing an exoskeleton while lifting boxes and other objects in a logistics facility. An environment simulating a real logistics facility was used. The cumulative effect of carrying heavy items during full-time shifts over a 5-day work week in a typical parcel distribution center is equivalent to the effect of carrying a Boeing 747 airplane on one’s back. With Paexo Back, however, this load on the spine can be eliminated by up to 100%.


Paexo Back is part of a larger Paexo family of exoskeletons that are designed for different parts of the human body, including the neck, thumb, wrist, shoulder, and back. The Ottobock Paexo exoskeleton series aims to offer ergonomic solutions that help people protect their health as they perform physically demanding tasks on a daily basis. Customers can immediately test this new technology with Ottobock’s Experience Packages starting from $6,900 (USD).