Treston Electric Desk TED

June 16, 2021

Quick, silent, and with a wide reach, the Treston Electric Desk (TED) is an ergonomic sit-stand desk that suits light-duty assembly work, packing applications, R&D, and industrial offices.


TED goes down as low as 24.8 in. and all the way up to 50 in. quickly, at 1 in/sec, giving the user the possibility to adjust the table in a range of 25.2 in. Accommodating a wide range of heights serves especially well in light-duty assembly work and manual packing applications, where the handled items can vary from big to small. A desk with a quick and wide adjustment range helps keep employees comfortable throughout the workday.


The desk serves also in R&D laboratories as well as industrial offices well, as it withstands high loads of 440 lb., and can be customized with a wide range of accessories. The above and below-desk accessories—such as swivel arms for screens and document holders, shelves with carton dividers, roll holders, a perforated back panel for tool holders, and lights—further enhance ergonomics, free desk space, and provide order.

  • Wide height adjustment range 24.8 to 50 in. (range 25.2 in.)
  • Quick and silent adjustment, 1 in/sec
  • Four sizes: depth 31.5 in. and widths 35.4 in., 43.3 in., 59.1 in., 70.9 in.
  • ESD model available
  • Adapts to different needs with multiple accessories: swivel arms for screens and document holders, shelves with carton dividers, lights, castors, perforated back panel for tools, bins, etc.
  • Desk load capacity 440 lb., for above-desk add-ons 176 lb.
  • Reliable Nordic choice, compliant with standards