EVO Exoskeleton Vest

June 8, 2021
EVO, the next evolution of EksoVest, is a durable, naturally-tracking, and assistive exoskeleton vest.

EVO, the next evolution of EksoVest, is a durable, naturally-tracking, and assistive exoskeleton vest. EVO features additional exoskeleton technology that Ekso has been working on, based on market feedback. They have improved the design, manufacturing, velocity, system, and ergonomics to ensure that this wearable exoskeleton delivers an exceptional user experience for workers and wearers of all sizes and trades.


EVO has been designed in partnership with smart assist to move together with your body, allowing for strength throughout your natural range of motion. The user’s torso, waist, and arms can move freely without issue. Designed with minimal touch-points, EVO allows for an increased range of motion with the same support you expect with Ekso, allowing for more work for a long time with less pain. This lightweight exoskeleton allows you to move with complete freedom.


EVO’s patented stacked-link structure seamlessly follows the user’s arm and elbow through the full range of motion while providing proper joint alignment through repetitive movement. Extreme logistics positions—like reaching directly overhead, across the body or even into a back pocket for a phone—are unrestricted with this wearable exoskeleton. The adjustable, high-force actuators are extremely durable with over a million cycles before requiring replacement. The assistance level of each device can be adjusted for the user and task by easily swapping out the set of compact gas springs. Different levels can even be selected for each arm independently depending on the task.


With an independent load path, EVO has completely decoupled left and right shoulder support structures to allow full flexibility of a user’s torso and waist, so twisting and bending feels completely natural. The user’s upper body is also completely free of limitations, allowing unrestricted airflow and leaving plenty of room for a fall harness. EVO is designed to only contact the user’s body where absolutely essential—including the elimination of annoying shoulder straps—while still staying firmly in place during use.


Requiring no additional batteries, charging or electrical power of any kind, EVO exoskeletons allow for a full day of wear without any downtime. It's an assistive device that can be easily activated and asymmetrically controlled by a toggle switch on each shoulder, allowing for individuals to put the vest on and work without any additional help.


EVO provides 5 to 15 lb. of lift assistance per arm to give your natural strength a boost throughout your workday. Whatever payload you normally lift (a 4 lb. torque wrench, a 10 lb. component or even just the weight of your arm) will feel lighter with the boost you get from EVO.

  • Reduces worker fatigue
  • Improves health & endurance
  • Increases productivity
  • Prevents workplace injuries, especially shoulder injuries
  • Elevates worker morale & retention
  • Enhances workmanship & output in real-time