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Internet of Things (IoT)

Iridium Enables Truly Global Remote Asset Tracking for Fleet Management Systems

Nov. 11, 2020
Iridium's network is uniquely qualified for mobile telematics reporting and serving the needs of heavy equipment for connectivity beyond terrestrial networks.
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Construction Equipment

All-Wheel Drive Hauler

Oct. 22, 2020
Crete Rod introduces a powerful all-wheel drive material handler that delivers a 33-cubic foot payload across even the most demanding terrains, including tight quarters with limited...
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REE Automotive Hits the Track With 3 Fully Modular EV Platforms

Oct. 9, 2020
REE Automotive (REE), the electric vehicle platform leader reshaping e-Mobility, released a video showing not one, but three prototypes of its next-generation EV platforms...
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Boom Lifts

Large Capacity Telehandler

June 3, 2020
The Extendo 1056X telehandler has been added to the X-Series lineup, providing a 10,000-lb. capacity machine capable of reaching lift heights of 56 ft. The Extendo 1056X ...
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DART: Automated Landing Gear Eliminates Manual Cranking

April 2, 2020
With the flip of a switch, Automated Landing Gear Deployment and Retraction Technology eliminates the manual cranking required to raise and lower a trailer’s landing gear, thus...
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Facility Operations

VIST Group Raises the Bar on Safety at Russia’s Largest Gold Producer

Oct. 10, 2019
Company implements Orlaco “Collision Avoidance System” solution to ensure the safety of vehicle operators at Polyus.
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Motion Control

Designing Accelerated Seat Movement in Vehicles

Oct. 3, 2019
Automotive interior engineers will depend on advancements in shaft design to enable increased mobility in vehicle seating.
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Cherry Load Takes Instant Control of Fleet Operations

Sept. 10, 2019
Tacho downloads and analysis ‘tells all’ about agency drivers.
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Camera & Vision Systems

Reversing Camera Increases Site Awareness

March 18, 2019
JLG Industries' reversing camera features 30 infrared illuminators for incredible night vision.