AI-Based, Predictive Telematics Platform

Nov. 14, 2020

TN360, powered by artificial intelligence, delivers telematics functionalities in real-time, providing businesses with simplified, smart, predictive, and actionable insights.


Traditional telematics systems rely mostly on GPS and motion sensors as they collect a narrow set of data-points, centered on location, diagnostics, and routing. These systems process linear calculations and produce important but limited feedback. TN360 uses a scalable cloud ecosystem that connects data from sensors, cameras, mobile, and third-party applications in real-time and translates raw signals into context.


AI-enabled cameras can be fully integrated within TN360. Businesses can now perceive traffic obstacles, distance between objects, identify people, and even predict potential safety hazards both on the road and inside the driver cabin. The ability to capture, connect, and process robust amounts of data with immediacy will transform telematics from a two-dimensional map application to a powerful real-time sensor network producing insights for a three-dimensional world.


While previous generations of telematics platforms aimed at eliminating paper-based reporting and processes, they required users to spend an excessive amount of time analyzing digital reports to identify opportunities for improvement. Through AI, TN360 removes that analysis period for its users. It allows managers to take corrective action as soon as impactful outliers occur. The platform enables business operations to recognize patterns of efficiency in order to highlight opportunities in areas like route planning, logistic workflows, maintenance, driver behavior, compliance, and fuel management. Users can quickly receive business intelligence metrics simply by asking a question of TN360’s smart AI engine with voice-command technology, eliminating the challenge of traditional data analytics.


Teletrac Navman’s next-generation TN360 solution marks the next phase of digital transformation in the mobile asset and fleet management market. It serves as a nexus for data collection across all integrated systems such as engine information, driver behavior, camera sensors, temperature sensors as well as information connected via third party systems. Powered by AI, TN360 collects this information, constantly processing the ever-changing landscape, predicting critical insights to make an immediate impact on safety, compliance, and efficiency.