MANN-FILTER WK 11 051 Commercial Vehicle Fuel Filter

July 26, 2023
MANN+HUMMEL's fuel filter offers separation efficiency of 99.95% down to 0.1 in. (4 mm) and ensures that 9,995 out of 10,000 particles are retained.

The MANN-FILTER WK 11 051 in 100% original equipment quality for commercial vehicles offers very high particle separation efficiency and is ideally equipped for future filtration requirements. It uses the MULTIGRADE F-MB 2000 filter medium which offers separation efficiency of 99.95% done to 0.1 in. (4 mm) and ensures that 9,995 out of 10,000 streaming particles are retained. These particles are up to 18 times smaller than the width of a human hair. Its seal materials are resistant to, tested with, and ideally suited for standard diesel and biodiesel variants as well as new synthetic diesel fuels such as HVO.


This ability to separate out the tiniest of particles is achieved due to the filter medium's 3-layer structure. The first layer is made from synthetic fibers and retains large particles to protect the subsequent layers and therefore ensure a long service life for the filter. The middle layer ensures the separation of fine particles down to a few micrometers in size through the use of glass fibers embedded in a cellulose matrix. The downstream, pure cellulose layer stabilizes the complex media structure and retains the last particles so that the injection system is supplied with fuel that has been optimally cleaned.


To give the fuel filter even better protection against corrosion, a hot-dip aluminized coating is used instead of the conventional zinc coating on some metal components. This improves chemical resistance, especially to biodiesel fuels, and protects against the formation of deposits as well as increased wear on the injectors of the injection system.