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Raymond to Carry GNB Motive Power Batteries

GNB Industrial Power to be the primary provider of lead-acid batteries to Raymond Sales and Service Centers

GNB Industrial Power, a division of Exide Technologies, today announced an agreement with a manufacturer of electric forklifts, to be a primary supplier of lead-acid batteries to The Raymond Corporation Authorized Sales and Service Centers. Raymond Authorized Sales and Service Centers will have access to GNB’s comprehensive line of conventional flat-plate and maximum performance tubular lead-acid battery products, as well as its premium flat plate batteries, which boast the highest flat plate cycle performance (1600) in the industry.

GNB’s low maintenance tubular batteries are also included in this offering and allow up to 90 days between watering intervals for increased run time and decreased maintenance. These batteries will be branded for individual Raymond Authorized Sales and Service Centers and will be easily recognizable by the iconic Raymond red color to match their electric forklifts.

These products are manufactured in GNB’s Kansas City, Kansas, manufacturing plant, where the company has made significant investments to improve product performance and quality, as well as increase capacity by adding new manufacturing lines. The batteries are available in key sizes as part of the GNB Quick Ship program, with lead times of one week or less. Other, more specialized sizes, have a four-week lead time. GNB and Raymond Authorized Sales and Service Centers will provide battery maintenance and warranty service to supplement both companies’ existing service capabilities in the United States and Canada.

To learn more about GNB Industrial Power Solutions, visit or locate a Raymond Authorized Sales and Service Center, visit

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