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IT's Out, You're In: Wearable App Puts Users in Control

The new version of Skylight from Upskill, which we recently tested, allows anyone on the factory floor, not just the software experts, to choose their own wearable adventure with a simplified app creator.

Wearables make you look cool in a dorky sort of way, and the ROI they can provide for field service, complex assembly, repair, logistics,and many more jobs will make your bottom line look even better. Boeing, GE, and other big names have demonstrated how valuable a pair of smartglasses can be, but the problem has been providing a tool for companies that don't have unlimited resources can get started.

With the release of Upskill's new version of Skylight, that barrier to adoption has come down faster than David Hasselhoff brought down the Berlin Wall. Why/ Because you don't need to file a ticket with your IT department or software engineer every time you think of a new way to leverage your smartglasses. If a sister plant on the other side of the country is having trouble integrating a conveyor system, you can create from your laptop the workflow to complete the task by dragging and dropping some instructions that will be fed to their monocular display. And if they just aren't getting it, you can add a step where they automatically call you and you can guide them through the process because you can see what they see from the wearable camera.

If you're not old enough to remember how difficult it was to make a website before Wordpress and Blogspot came onto the scene, you won't appreciate the level of computer programming and HTML knowledge someone would need just to make their Friends fan fiction site. Maintaining a production line is a bit more involved, but now creating the work instructions to maintain one isn't.

Here are some of the new capabilities:

  • Skylight Application Builder: A simple, drag-and-drop interface and library of UI cards that allow non-technical personnel to quickly build Skylight Applications based on existing processes. This reduces time-to-market and development costs associated with identifying and piloting new AR use cases across an organization.
  • Skylight Connect: A tool that enables immediate, codeless integration of Skylight with common databases and web services. With Skylight Connect, customers can quickly deploy new Skylight Applications that tap into enterprise systems while reducing complexity, support and maintenance costs for IT.
  • Skylight SDK: An all new software development kit (SDK) that enables developers to use common programming methods, languages, and toolsets to rapidly build a deeper level of control and customization of Skylight Applications.
  • Skylight Live: A comprehensive suite of new live HD video collaboration tools built into the Skylight experience to allow workers to solve issues faster and improve outcomes. Added features include remote camera zoom and capture, and annotation on shared documents and snapshots.

We had Jay Kim, Upskill's Chief Strategy Officer, stop by with two of the leading industrial smartglasses, the Glass Enterprise Edition and Vuzix M300, to show us how easy the new Skylight app is to use and what it can do. Check it out in our new episode of Ned Talks below

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