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Effective Machine Guarding

Air Engineering and Supply created a 6,700 sq. ft secured area surrounding a new automated rebar mesh welding system for a steel fabricator.

Air Engineering and Supply, a distributor and integrator of Velox Machine Guarding, worked together with Husky Rack & Wire, the manufacture of Velox Guarding, to create a 6,700 sq. ft secured area surrounding a new automated rebar mesh welding system.

Stein Bros. Steel, a full-service steel fabricator located in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, a supplier to the construction industry, wanted to grow its market share by expanding its product offerings to customers. The company decided to invest in a new automated rebar mesh welding system, which for safety purposes, meant that Stein Bros. needed to secure a large amount of fixed machine guarding on a tight time frame.

After researching several guarding product options, Stein Bros. chose to partner with Air Engineering and Supply, a distributor for Husky Rack & Wire, and used Husky’s Velox machine guarding system. Engineers from both companies worked together to design an effective machine guarding solution that featured quick and easy assembly combined with simple installation and field modification to create the exact fit Stein Bros. needed around the perimeter of the rebar mesh welding system. 

The guarding not only met the company’s required internal security needs but also exceeded regulatory safety standards. The three most important features that made the decision to go with Husky’s Velox guarding were superior product design, quick order delivery and ease of installation. The Velox guarding system installed at Stein Bros. comprised 6,700 square feet of guarded area, which included 380 linear feet of 6’ high guarding panels, sixty – 6’ posts and three 3’ swing doors.

The Operations Manager for the Stein Bros. facility said that the guarding design was super easy to work with and made for an easy installation. Because of the flexibility of the product, he was able to modify on-site to accommodate for some uneven floor issues. They reported that the results of choosing Velox machine guarding exceeded expectations and that Stein Bros. plans to use them on future applications.

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