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Avoiding an Itchy & Scratchy July 4th

This holiday weekend will be full of outdoor fun, but don't regret it the rest of the week by getting poison ivy. Here's an infographic to help you avoid the itchy vegetation in all its forms.

With the 4th of July holiday weekend fast approaching, millions of Americans historically celebrate by spending this special day with their loved ones. Camping, hiking, and grilling have all been activities that my family and I have thoroughly enjoyed together. 

Did you also know that July 4th weekend will result in the largest number of poison ivy and poison oak outbreaks?  Since most families spend this holiday in the outdoors, being infected by these poisonous plants carries a higher risk—especially from campfires. 

If the wood being burned-for roasting marshmallows or roasting hotdogs has been contaminated with poison ivy or its vines, the smoke can cause allergic reactions to the skin and the eyes.  Also, the mere task of carrying any wood that has been infected with urushiol (the active chemical in poison ivy) presents a higher risk of an allergic reaction. 

So if you and your family plan on being outdoors celebrating this July 4th, your best plan of attack is to avoid these plants at all costs and familiarize yourself with the remedies associated with an outbreak. 

Here's an infographic to break it down and keep your July 5th from being an itchy nightmare.


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