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Slice Cutting-Edge Tools: a Safer Cutting Edge

March 27, 2019
Slice is an innovator in cutting tools, and our goal is to create the safest tools possible.

Slice is an innovator in cutting tools, and our goal is to create the safest tools possible. We began our quest for creating a truly safer safety knife by rethinking the part of cutting tools that causes the most damage: the blade.

We saw that metal is not an ideal blade material because it’s relatively soft. This is why traditional metal blades start out overly sharp: it’s a strategy to extend blade life because metal blades dull relatively quickly. We turned to the extremely hard material of industrial ceramics, instead, and set to work developing a safer blade edge.

The result is the Slice patent-pending finger-friendly blade, made of 100% zirconium oxide. Our blades are literally safe enough for you to touch.

Our proprietary edge design sets Slice blades apart from all others, metal, and ceramic: other traditional ceramic blades copy the same dangerously sharp design that metal blade manufacturers use.

As an added bonus: our blades last up to 11 times longer than steel blades.

Safer Blades, and Safer Tool Design

Redesigning the blade was just the start of the Slice safety journey. Our safety focus extends to our handle designs as well. We offer a variety of retraction options and all Slice tools are ergonomically designed.

Several tools in our line are unique to Slice because of our focus on ergonomics: we aim to ensure that our tools fit comfortably in your hand and feel like an extension of your body when you use them. This makes our tools easier to use, reduces muscle fatigue, and therefore lowers the risk of repetitive stress injuries.

Slice tools are an excellent choice for use in industrial and other workplace settings. We make a variety of tools to meet your workplace needs.

A Variety of Safer Utility Knives: For Many Wants and Needs

Every toolbox has at least one utility knife because these popular tools are built to act as all-purpose knives, able to cut a wide variety of materials, and made to last. Slice offers several different options in this category because we understand that different people have different preferences.

The folding or pocket knife design is a long-time favorite that inspired our stylish 10562 Folding Utility Knife. It features a handy finger loop at the pivot point and has an attached belt clip for convenient portability and storage.

The folding knife features a metal body (as do our manual and auto-retractable metal-handle utility knives). For those who prefer a lighter-weight tool with a different feel, Slice offers utility knives with handles made from glass-filled nylon (GFN), a highly durable, light composite.

There are manual and auto-retractable versions of the GFN utility knife, too, as well as a third option: the 10558 Smart-Retracting Utility Knife. The blade retracts if it loses contact with the material it’s cutting. In other words, even if the user is engaging the slider, the blade retracts as soon as there’s no cutting pressure on it.

This precaution prevents lacerations if you slip in the middle of a cut and the knife carries through to hit a leg or an arm.

When you need to cut thicker materials, you need a longer blade, and that’s why Slice designed its industrial knives. These tools offer up to three inches of blade exposure and are perfect for cutting thick, soft materials like foam and fiberglass insulation.

We make a manual and an auto-retractable version of this tool.

This video shows the Slice 10559 Manual Industrial Knife easily cutting foam:

Slice Box Cutters: Uniquely Effective

Ever-popular box cutters are a must for just about any work environment, and Slice makes tools like you’ve never seen. Our J-hook design is eye-catching and highly functional. The swooped shape allows the front and back of the tool to sit firmly on the surface of the material you’re cutting, which makes it very stable.

The tool’s shape makes it easy to hang from a pocket or wall hook. As with all Slice box cutters and utility knives, this design is available in a manual and an auto-retractable version.

Slice offers three additional tool designs that use the same blade as the J-hook cutters. To begin with, there are the mini cutters, which fit in the palm of your hand but have excellent cutting power. They feature a magnet within the handle and a lanyard hole, so you have choices for how to store them.

The longer, narrow profile of the pen cutter is a favorite because it has the shape and feel of that familiar and highly maneuverable writing implement, and it’s easy to keep in a pocket or pen cup.

The carton cutter is useful in my industries, and we offer a safer take on this long-time go-to. This tool features limited blade exposure for safety, so it works well for thin materials. This compact cutter is easy to carry with you in a pocket or small bag.  

Safer Scrapers and Scissors

Slice makes safer scissors and scrapers, too. We offer manual and auto-retractable scrapers. The latter features SureScrape, which eliminates kick-back from the blade into the slider, and the user’s thumb. This greatly reduces hand strain. Slice scrapers are excellent for tasks like removing rust or paint from metal surfaces.

Slice makes three models of scissors, all of which are durable, sturdy cutting tools that cut through Kevlar fabric as easily as they’ll cut through paper or card stock.

Our 10544 Small Scissors have rounded tips to prevent puncture injuries. For jobs where you need to make a puncture in the material, there are the Slice 10546 Pointed-Tip Scissors. And for larger hands and jobs that call for additional force, we make the 10545 Large Scissors: the three-finger, one-thumb grip provides a stronger grip.

No-Tool Blade Changes, and Blade Options

On the occasion that you do need to change a Slice blade, we make it easy: you don’t need any additional tools to replace a blade.

We provide options for the types of replacement blades you can put in Slice tools. For all our replaceable blade tools, we make a rounded-tip and a pointed-tip blade. Our tools ship with the rounded-tip model: it’s our safest option and it works for most jobs. The pointed-tip blades are available for when you need to start your cut with a puncture.

For our industrial knives and our metal-handle utility knives, we offer a serrated blade. These blades are necessary for jobs that require a sawing motion like if you’re cutting twine, holes in drywall, or rough fabric. The no-tool blade change feature of Slice tools makes swapping between straight-edge and serrated blades easy and convenient.

For Righties and Lefties

You can use any Slice tool in your right or left hand. For tools that feature a slider along the side of the tool, simply open the casing as though you were going to replace the blade, and flip the blade around to change from right-handed to left-handed, and back. For all other tools, the slider is in a neutral position, ready for righties or lefties as is.

Slice: Safer Tools Drive Our Innovation

The goal at Slice is to make every cutting task safe. We are continually developing new tools that change the safety game. To help workers and management develop and maintain a safer work environment, we also offer our workplace safety blog. There, we discuss the how and why of keeping a safe workplace. It’s updated regularly with helpful information, resources, and user-friendly takeaways.

At Slice, safety is always a top priority.

TJ Scimone is the founder and owner of Slice, Inc. His interest in creating safer cutting tools has resulted in a unique line of tools, all of which feature Slice’s patent-pending finger-friendly blades and innovative ergonomic designs.