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Leadership's Anti-Venom for Complacency: Organizational Pivot Points

Jan. 15, 2015

I recently was asked how to, as a leader, energize a large, geographically dispersed and established team of professionals. There were two more caveats: Promotions are not available and performance award funding is very limited.

On the surface, this is much like trying to draw more juice from a thoroughly squeezed lemon – possible, but very unfruitful if yesterday’s strategy was the same as today’s and today’s will be the same as tomorrow’s.

If, as a leader, you find yourself wondering when your organization will move past the daily grind and into the fast lane, consider the process of strategically inculcating pivot points in your organization's performance track.

Pivot points are the leader's anti-venom for complacency, status quo and organizational stagnation. They also define a leader's perceived effectiveness in driving innovation and organizational acceptance of change to the point of productive realization and action.

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