Stress, Fatigue and Reduced Productivity: The True Cost of Sleepless Workers

Dec. 24, 2014

While the rest and recuperation required over the festive period is, in reality, often negated by over-indulgence and family demands, the expectation is that employees return to work in January feeling re-charged and ready to perform their best.

In reality, one in every five workers is sleep deprived, and that those who sleep poorly are 54 percent more likely to experience stress in their job, according to a new study from international employee health and performance organization Global Corporate Challenge (GCC).

The report, “Waking Up To the Sleep Problem Every Employer Is Facing,”also found that 93 percent of poor sleepers were more likely to display workplace fatigue, a common symptom of excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) – the condition proven to increase risks of absenteeism, accidents and injury in the workplace.

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