The principle of Nord-Lock X-series washers includes multiple functions that act on the bolted joint to maintain preload and prevent spontaneous bolt loosening.

Washers Address Both Spontaneous Loosening and Slackening

Nov. 8, 2012
Multifunctional, with high security Cams on one side, radial teeth on the other

NORD-LOCK reports it is adding “a new dimension of safety” to bolt security with its new Nord-Lock X-series washer. X-series combines Nord-Lock’s wedge-locking protection against spontaneous bolt loosening (due to vibration and dynamic loads) with an exclusive spring effect that protects against slackening due to settlement and relaxation. This combination makes X-series the first, true multifunctional solution, and offers the highest security for critical joints, without compromise.

With new technologies and demands, joints increasingly have to withstand stresses from multiple fronts, including vibration, dynamic loads, settlement and relaxation. Yet, there are no commercially available products to secure bolts from all of these at once. This has left designers to figure out which issue — spontaneous bolt loosening or slackening — will have the greater effect on the joint, and to choose a solution to handle that single problem. Now, there is no need to compromise. Nord-Lock X-series ensures total bolt security while simplifying design and maintenance because there is no need to use and stock multiple solutions.

As with Nord-Lock’s original washers, each washer pair has cams on one side and radial teeth on the opposite side to secure the bolted joint with tension instead of friction. The Nord-Lock X-series washers’ conical shape also creates an elastic reserve in the bolted joint to compensate for the loss of preload and to prevent slackening.

“Since we work closely with our customers we can react to the trends in application design,” explained Maxime Thonnerieux, development director, “and this product is the result of our goal to design a system that would eliminate insecurity.

“When you cannot say with certainty whether spontaneous bolt loosening or slackening would be the bigger issue, or when both could be equal risks, there is now a solution on the market,” Thonnerieux continued. “Beyond vibration and dynamic loads, Nord-Lock X-series allows us to serve customers with a multitude of other challenging application areas, such as painted or powder-coated surfaces, soft metals, composites and polymers. The Nord-Lock X-series offers exciting new possibilities for application design.”

From wedge-locking technology to Superbolt tensioners, Nord-Lock Group products have decades of documented success in every major industry, and are certified by independent institutes including AbP, DIBt, DNV and TÜV. Experienced engineers and bolting experts are available to help manufacturers realize safe and efficient bolting.