2008 FIA Safety Awards

June 17, 2009
Each year the Forging Industry Assn. surveys its producer members in order to identify its annual safety award winners. Awards are given in each of four groups established according to average annual employment.

Each year the Forging Industry Assn. surveys its producer members in order to identify its annual safety award winners. Awards are given in each of four groups established according to average annual employment. Group I includes companies with up to 80 employees, Group II includes companies with 81 to 175 employees, Group III represents companies with 176 to 325 employees, and Group IV includes companies with more 326 employees and more.

First-, second-, and third-place Safety Awards in the form of plaques are given in each group for companies having the lowest Recordable Cases Incidence Rate, provided that the DART (Days Away from work, work Restrictions, or job Transfer cases) Incidence Rate falls below the group average. In the event that Recordable Incidence Rates are equal, the committee uses the lower DART Incidence Rate to determine the award.

Improvement Awards are given in each group for the company experiencing the greatest improvement in the DART Incidence Rate. This award is determined by percentage of improvement by DART Incidence Rate compared with the average of the last three years.

A certificate of recognition is awarded to each company not receiving a first-, second-, or third-place award whose Recordable Incidence Rate falls below the group average — provided that the DART Incidence Rate also falls below the group average. At the upcoming FIA meeting, 37 companies will be recognized with certificates of recognition.

The information for the competition is gathered from questionnaires mailed annually to all FIA producer members. Producer members provide the data recorded on OSHA Form No. 300, “Summary of Occupational Injuries/ Illnesses for Calendar Year” for U.S. companies, and from Worker’s Compensation Reports for Canadian companies on the questionnaires. Completed returns provide the basis not only for the Annual Safety and Health Awards, but also for the Annual Occupational Injury & Illness Report.

Two rates are computed for each participant: DART Incidence Rate, and Frequency Rate. The published report provides a summary for the total industry and detailed company rankings, according to the Incidence Rate by size groups. Each participant will fall within one of four size categories, according to four groups based on average annual employment. The number of employees is based on the entire forging operation for the company, plant, or division being reported, including executive, administrative, clerical, sales, maintenance, and production.

For the 2008 FIA Safety Awards, a record number of 112 member company-locations participated this year, and received the report listing forging industry DART Incidence and Recordable Incidence rates, the only source of such specific information.

Plaques have been presented to companies with the lowest Recordable Incidence Rates and greatest Improvements, in each of the four size groups. Group IV, over 326 employees, led the industry in 2008 in having the lowest Recordable Incidence Rate, and in lowering their Group DART Rate.

Plaque Winners Group I (up to 80 employees)First Place

Arro Forge Inc.
Illinois Forge Co.
DeKalb Forge
Brass Aluminum Forging Enterprises LLC
The Council Tool Co. Inc.

Second Place Aluminum Precision Products Catalina Cylinders Third Place Carbo Forge Inc. Improvement Midwest Tool & Cutlery Co. Group II (81-175 employees)First Place Colfor Mfg. (an AAM Co.) Second Place Aluminum Precision Products E. Alton Ave. Third Place Impact Forge Group - Omni Division of HHI Improvement Carolina Forge Co. - a MFC Group Co. Group III (176-325 employees)First Place Lehigh Heavy Forge Corp. Second Place FRISA Aerospace Third Place Scot Fore Co. Clinton
Trinity Forge Inc. Improvement ATI Portland Forge - Portland, IN Group IV (over 326 employees)First Place BAE Systems Ground Systems Anniston Second Place FRISA Forjados S.A. de C.V. Third Place General Dynamics OTS - Scranton Operations Improvement Bonney Forge Corp. Certificate Winners Group ICornell Forge Co.
Pacific Forge Inc.
Impact Forge Group - Precision Division of HHI
Cardinal Forge Co. - DeKalb Forge
MacLean Flowform LLC - MacLean - Fogg Comp.
Bula Forge and Machines Inc.
Eagle WI Forge Co. - DeKalb Forge
McInnes Rolled Rings
Impact Forge Group - Net Division of HHI
Virginia Forge Co. - a MFC Group Co.
Ellwood Mill Products - Ellwood Group Inc.
Midwest Tool & Cutlery Co.
Scot Forge Co. - Franklin Park
Solmet Technologies Inc
Fox Valley Forge - Cleveland Hardware
Corry Forge Co. - Ellwood Group Inc. Group II Carolina Forge - a MFC Group Co.
Cooper Hand Tools - New York
Gulf Coast Machine & Supply Co.
Missouri Forge Inc.
Aluminum Precision Products W. Warner
Eaton Corp. - South Bend
Dixie Industries - Columbus McKinnon
International Crankshaft Inc.
Trenton Forging Co.
Ellwood Texas Forge - Houston
Presrite Corp. - Bessemer Ave. Group IIIEllwood National Forge
ATI Portland Forge - Portland, IN
Walker Forge Inc.
Ellwood Texas Forge - Navasota
Impact Forge Group - Impact Division of HHI
Ellwood City Forge - Forging Division
Leistritz - Advanced Turbine Components
Metform LLC
Rotek Inc. Group IVScot Forge Co. - Spring Grove