FIA News: Forging Tooling Db Now Available

Dec. 15, 2005
Plus, DC update, new FIERF fundraiser, and orders/shipments questionnaire
Forging Tooling Database Available for FIA Members to Review

As U.S. Department of Defense weapon systems go out of production, the acquisition of forged repair parts becomes more difficult because supply chain information disintegrates, especially with respect to tooling.

In addition, some weapon systems are being kept in service longer than originally intended. As this happens, forged parts that were designed to last the life of the weapon must be replaced and locating the tools to make the forged parts may be difficult.

The solution is the National Forging Tooling Database (NFTD). This is a collaborative effort of IHS, Forging Defense Manufacturing Consortium (FDMC), Advanced Technology Institute (ATI), the University of Toledo, and Plexus Systems. IHS has added NFTD to the HAYSTACK Gold parts and logistics management service, by linking over 100,000 tooling numbers in the NFTD with HAYSTACK’s extensive parts and logistics data, including manufacturer’s part numbers and National Stock Numbers (NSNs). Now, the U.S. Department of Defense/Defense Logistics Agency can quickly search, identify, locate, and procure forged items and forging tools/dies.

As FIA members may want to see what tooling has been identified, for a limited time only, they may review this database at no charge by visiting the FIA website and clicking on the Defense Tooling Database link in the left column.

Washington Update for FIA Members

Supplementing the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Washington Watch update provided in the FIA Website, FIA members now have the benefit of a report on primary and secondary public-policy matters of special interest to the forging industry, as provided by The Laurin Baker Group LLC, FIA’s Washington representatives.

The first issue was emailed November 16 to all FIA official representatives, and other members who have requested such information. The FIA Washington Update can be forwarded within member companies, with an option for employees to subscribe.

FIA’s Washington Update will be delivered on an as-needed basis supplementing other items of public-policy interest published in FIA’s membership newsletter, FIA Quick Read.

Members not already receiving this copy are encouraged to call FIA headquarters and request to be added to the distribution list.

FIERF Fundraiser Launched

The Forging Industry Educational and Research Foundation (FIERF) is asking the industry to pledge $250,000 in corporate support this year.

“FIERF has been at the forefront of deploying research and technology to the industry, to increase productivity and reduce costs,” says FIERF President Mike Wicklund, president, Missouri Forge. “New scholarship, graduate fellowship, and internship programs are showing future engineers the opportunities available in the industry.”

To continue and grow these programs, companies are asked to join the Anvil Society. Anvil Society members are organizations, foundations, and individuals that pledge $2,500/year or more for at least three years.

Gold Anvil members have pledged $10,000 or more for three or more years; Silver Anvil members are those pledging $5,000 for a minimum of three years; and Bronze Anvil members have pledged $2,500 per year for three years. All Anvil Society members will be recognized with a Foundation Sponsorship Award, listing on the FIERF website Honor Roll of Contributors, and receive an electronic Anvil Supporter logo to display to designate their organization as a very important partner of FIERF.

Contact the FIERF at 216-781-5040 for more information.

FIA’s Orders & Shipments Questionnaire Now Online

FIA has made it easier to complete the 2005 Annual Orders & Shipments Questionnaire. The survey is available now online. North American forging companies interested in completing the survey online should contact FIA to request this option. The company will then be sent an e-mail containing a link to the online survey. Call Diane Rothaermel or Mary Ann Ross at 216-781-6260, or e-mail your request to [email protected] .

Online survey respondents will be identified to FIA only via security coding. Company or individual names will not be requested. As with all FIA surveys, data will be held in strictest confidence and reported in aggregate form to survey participants only.

Those who cannot or will not complete an online survey will receive the mailed hard copy edition.

Forge Fair 2006 Attendee Brochure Now Online

The attendee brochure for Forge Fair 2006 has been posted online at the Forging Industry Association website. It includes complete details on this triennial event, including Show Dates and schedule, a discussion of who should attend, attendee opportunities, hotel information, and a registration form. Also, special instructions for attendees from outside the U.S. are provided.

To view and print the Forge Fair Attendee Brochure, visit Copies also are being mailed to members.