Forge Fair '06 Rewind

Aug. 27, 2006
A timely flash back to the forging industry's top trade show, spotlighting leading exhibitors and their presentations.

Tool steels and services
BHLER-UDDEHOLM is the world’s largest manufacturer of tool steel with a market share of approximately 35% (based on value) and an annual output of about 800,000 tons. A new offering is the premium W360 die steel, a high-molybdenum, chromium-vanadium hot-work tool steel for hot and warm forging applications. Its Steel Service Centers and Steel Stores carry extensive stocks of tooling materials, and are strategically located to provide fast and dependable service anywhere in the United States and Canada. These centers are supported by a well-trained technical sales force and by local and international metallurgical support staffs.

Flux cored wire
COR-MET INC. has been manufacturing cored welding wires and stick electrodes for forge-die repair for more than 30 years. Products include specialty cored wire, coated electrodes, and solid wire MIG and TIG wire. It maintains a large product inventory and will ship most orders from stock. Products include: specialty cored wire from 0.035 to 3/16 in. diameter, with low- and high-alloy steel, nickel, cobalt, hardface, maintenance, stainless steel, cast iron, tool steel, and alloys for forge die repair; and coated electrodes that compliment many existing cored wires are available from 3/32 in. to 20 mm (3/4 in. + diameter/ 39 in. length). Solid wire MIG and TIG wire is available in 36 in. cut length, and 25 lb spools. The standard sizes available are 0.035 to 1/8 in.

“Natural choice” for cleaning
DISA GOFF INC.’s batch-type machines are designed to clean forgings that can be tumbled. These machines can be automated easily to fit any production requirements. Based on its designs, engineering, and manufacturing experience the company calls itself “the natural choice” in cleaning technology. From high-production abrasive blast equipment, to water-blast cleaning equipment, to portable surface-preparation machines that fit virtually any requirement, its cleaning and finishing products work in harmony with the environment.

Transfer systems for cold, warm, and hot forming
DREHER’s railed transfer systems for transporting parts use approved mechanical subgroups and a modern control and drive technology. The systems are “free-programmable,” meaning that the positions and the displacement courses of the gripper rails (closing, lifting and transport) can be determined by the program within the limits of the technical data. This equipment is used for cold, warm and hot massive forming operations. “Progressive attendance” concepts are used to increase productivity and to reduce the danger of production losses. Plant modernization, teleservice, and customer training are available also.

Hot and cold forming equipment
HATEBUR designs hot formers and cold formers that operate at high-production rates. Hotmatic hot formers are fully automatic, suitable for a working weight range of 20 - 7500 g, and operate with speed, accuracy, and economy, to save wear on tools. Coldmatic cold formers are designed with a specialized high-speed shearing system for precision finished parts.

Specialty graphitic and synthetic lubricants
HENKEL TECHNOLOGIES is a specialty chemical company that designs, manufactures, sells, and services industrial businesses with adhesives, sealants, and surface treatments. For forgers, its specialties include graphitic and synthetic lubricants. Of special interest to forgers are the P-3 lines of non-graphitic and graphitic hot forging lubricants for a variety of specific forging applications.

Heat treating and induction heating
INDUCTOHEAT INC. USA is the world’s largest manufacturer of induction-heating equipment used for heat treating and heating for forging. We can solve your most challenging heat treating problems with our wide range of induction heating equipment and services. Lower your heat treating costs now with advanced induction heating equipment and services.

Engineered steel bars
MACSTEEL is an engineered steel bar producer that uses electric arc furnaces, ladle furnace refining, vacuum arc degassing, advanced rotary continuous casting, continuous casting, and direct twist-free precision rolling to produce engineered SBQ carbon and alloy hot-rolled steel bar products. Each heat of steel is customized to specific end-user applications.

Complete forging equipment source
MLLER WEINGARTEN CORP. is the North American subsidiary of Mller Weingarten AG, one of the world’s leading suppliers of metalforming equipment, which has been supplying forging presses to the North American market since 1967. Its forging equipment division supplies complete forging lines, including: short-stroke and counterblow hammers, screw presses, hydraulic presses, mechanical forging crank presses, and preform units for forging steel, aluminium, titanium, or brass, as well as direct-drive screw presses, reducer rolls, hammers, and cross rolls.

Automation solutions
RIMROCK CORP. provides automation solutions to the forging industry that include robotic loading and extraction, die-lubricant spraying, finishing, deburring, and material handling applications. Products offered include precision spraying systems, automatic spray nozzles, robots, extractors, conveyors, and vision systems.

Carbon and alloy steel bar
TIMKEN CORP. supplies high-quality carbon and alloy bar stock to the forging industry. The company produces over 300 grades of steel in sizes ranging from 1.875 to 12 in. diameter. From manufacturing to distribution and technical support, the company’s product lineup gives forgers the edge they need to meet marketplace challenges.