Aerospace Panel Certifies Alcoa Forgings

Dec. 17, 2007
NADCAP approves Russian plant's products.

Alcoa reports its Samara plant in Russia has earned the National Aerospace and Defence Contractors Accreditation Program’s (NADCAP) approval for ultrasonic inspection and heat-treated forged products.

NADCAP is an accreditation program managed by the aerospace suppliers industry and designed to develop a global network of aerospace industry suppliers with world-class quality control for special processes.

Samara is Alcoa's second plant in Russia—and the second in Russia altogether—to gain NADCAP accreditation; Alcoa's Belaya Kaltiva earned the designation this past summer for its heat-treated sheet and plate products.

NADCAP certification audits are conducted in two stages: the first includes certification of the heat-treatment process, pyrometry, and lab tests at the Samara forging plant; the second included certification of the ultrasonic testing procedures.

Bill O'Rourke, president of Alcoa Russia, stated: “We have made considerable progress in a relatively short time period in order to achieve this milestone.

“We placed a great deal of emphasis on achieving the certification in light of the memorandum of understanding between Alcoa and United Aircraft Corp. as well as in our serving aerospace leaders such as Airbus and Boeing. The next stage is to go through final certification with Airbus and Boeing.”