China Wind Systems Wins Order for PV Manufacturing

May 1, 2011
Forged rings to be used to produce 40 solar-chamber subassemblies
China Wind Systems Inc. reports two new purchase orders to deliver 40 solar chamber subassemblies for photovoltaic cell manufacturing. Prototype components have been produced, inspected, and approved by the unnamed customer, leading to the assignment to supply the full order in two deliveries by June 2011. China Wind Systems Inc. is a forging operation in Wuxi, Jiangsu, and mainly supplies precision forgings and industrial equipment to China’s wind power and other industries. "We will utilize our self-manufactured forged rolled rings to manufacture and deliver solar chamber subassemblies under the contract,” explained chairman and CEO Jianhua Wu. Wu said the new order “marks an important milestone for China Wind as it demonstrates the high quality of our forged rolled rings, which are in accordance with the international standards for manufacturing and quality control. Our new customer is assisting us in expanding our capacity by supplying some components for six of the 30 units under the second purchase order," commented Mr. Jianhua Wu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of China Wind Systems. "We are committed to the highest quality standards of production which enable us to capitalize on the attractive growth opportunities in the clean-energy sector,” he continued. “We believe this supply contract moves us closer to our goal of becoming a leading supplier to the clean energy industry and further diversifying our customer base. We believe clean energy solutions will drive our future revenue growth and profitability."