SinnovaTek Offers Scalability for Launching New Food Products

Jan. 24, 2022
Looking for an easy way to enter into the aseptic market for rapid prototyping and new product launches? SinnovaTek can help you out.

SinnovaTek, an advanced food processing equipment and technology developer, can now meet a range of unique food production needs with aseptic processing and filling capabilities at its FirstWave copacking facility.

SinnovaTek makes it easy to enter into the aseptic market for rapid prototyping and new product launches by not putting a minimum limit on order quantities.

FirstWave is powered by SinnovaTek’s microwave processing technology which produces high-quality products with improved nutrient, flavor, and color retention. The platform can run low and high acid products to shelf stability in a pouch format ready for retail and is ideal for a range of pumpable products including fruit and vegetable products, coffee, smooth soups, and smoothies.

With cold rooms, freezers, and a quality assurance lab, their FDA-registered facility contains everything needed for safe commercial food production. SinnovaTek can run kosher, organic, and non-GMO certified products, enabling customers to add appropriate certifications to package labels.

With flexible packaging that results in lower materials usage, processed products are available for filling into 3.2, 4, and 8 oz. spouted pouches. Reducing raw material requirements through small batch sizes results in less cost to enter the market and ultimately a more rapid commercialization process.

To learn more or schedule a trial, contact Sinnovatek at