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April 26, 2022
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The FDMC is a research and development effort done in collaboration by the Forging Industry Association and SCRA Applied R&D to support forging technology concerns of the federal Defense Logistics Agency.

New Executive Team at FDMC

Dec. 23, 2013
Jack Simmons, chairman George Currie, vice chairman Darryl Hammock, director

The Forging Defense Manufacturing Consortium (FDMC) has a new leadership team, according to a release by SCRA Applied R&D, the research body that hosts the collaborative effort. Jack Simmons, the manager of Marketing and Product Development at Electralloy in Oil City, PA, has been appointed chairman of FDMC, and George Currie, executive vice president of Erie Press Systems, Erie, PA, is the new vice chairman of the panel.

Darryl Hammock, chief executive officer of Weld Mold Co., Brighton, Mich., was named to the FDMC board of directors.

In its announcement, SCRA highlighted Simmons’ “experience as a premiere, high-alloy producer to supply chains supporting the Department of Defense,” noting that will prove valuable to the strategic direction of the FDMC.

The group also credited Currie’ “keen insight into the manufacture of unique, heavy equipment for the forging industry.”

And, it noted that Hammock “has actively participated in forging research and development with the Forging Industry Association.”

The FDMC is a collaborative effort by the Forging Industry Association and SCRA Applied R&D that supports the federal Defense Logistics Agency -- under the DLA's Forging Advanced Systems and Technologies (FAST) manufacturing technology program. It’s described as a “multi-year, multi-million dollar, industry cost-shared program” that addresses technical and organizational problems facing the Department of Defense and the forging industry.

FDMC is supported and led by elements with DLA's Contracting and Program Management Teams in Fort Belvoir and Richmond, VA, and Philadelphia.

SCRA is an applied research corporation that manages research programs for federal and corporate clients.

"SCRA Applied R&D continues to lead outstanding collaborations that produce real results for the forging industry and the Defense Logistics Agency," stated SCRA CEO Bill Mahoney. "We congratulate Messrs. Simmons, Currie, and Hammock on their new roles within the FDMC Executive Advisory Board, and we look forward to furthering this successful program."