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April 26, 2022
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Induction-Heating Data Capture Program

March 19, 2012
Version 2.10 of eVIEW software monitors temps, liquid flow, pressure, and more
The latest version of Ambrell’s eView software offers the ability to monitor temperature, among other new functions.

AMBRELL, a manufacturer of induction heating systems, is releasing version 2.10 of its eVIEW induction-heating system data capture software. This new version accepts input signals from a data acquisition unit (DAQ) so it allows operations to monitor temperature, and outputs to a spreadsheet to log user-defined alarms.

eVIEW allows users to monitor power, frequency, coil operating parameters, and now temperature. Upper and lower limits can be set for key operating parameters, and users will be notified if a parameter is not operating as expected. All of this information is collected and time-stamped by the program, so users can leverage it for analysis and audit.

Along with monitoring temperature, the DAQ provides eVIEW users with additional monitoring options since it accepts a wide range of inputs. For example, liquid flow or pressure within a system can be measured, speed of the part through the coil can be monitored, and position sensors can be used to ensure a part is located in the correct position within the coil.

“The addition of the DAQ provides eVIEW users with even more options when it comes to monitoring their heating data,” stated Ambrell’s Girish Dahake, senior vice president of Worldwide Operations. “The live monitoring, graphing and alarming of critical operating parameters like temperature will allow manufacturing operations to ensure quality, and enable researchers to monitor and store a wide array of information.

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