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Simufact Sets Up Center to Develop New Applications

Oct. 15, 2008
Solver center will address manufacturers specific simulation needs

Simufact Engineering GmbH and Simufact-Americas LLC have formally launched their Solver Development Center in Detroit. The Center will address manufacturers’ specific needs for new and improved “solver” applications — meaning, applications for the computer program that perform calculations to predict the physics of a forming process, according to Arjaan Buijk, managing director, Simufact-Americas.

"As the Solver Development Center will be fully dedicated to manufacturing solutions, we expect a lot of manufacturing specific solver improvements in the near future," stated Dr. Hendrik Schafstall, managing director and CTO, Simufact Engineering GmbH. He added that the Detroit center “will drive future innovations and application specific improvements to our solver technology."

Simufact offers collection of software products that “translate the sophisticated physics of complex manufacturing processes,” and give users a modular approach to production process simulation. For example, its forging process module, Simufact.forming, “integrates the products MSC.SuperForm and MSC.SuperForge, formerly developed and distributed by MSC.Software and is based on the standards of the MSC.Marc and MSC.Dytran solver technology.”

Under a partnership agreement with MSC.Software, Simufact is enhancing the underlying solver technology of MSC.Dytran and MSC.Marc for metal-forming applications. The company explains that in its approach to specific manufacturing applications the Center will have “a close link to the MSC.Software development to improve, customize, and support existing solver technologies including the Finite Element and Finite Volume solvers.”

The Solver Development Center team is headed by Gary Huang, who brings more than 20 years of experience in Finite Element Solver development, as a key developer of MSC.Marc and the development manager of MSC.SuperForm. Buijk called him “the perfect person to lead this initiative.”