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Simufact-Americas Joins FIA

July 12, 2010
Developer cites Forge Fair as proof of markets interest of attendees in new forming simulation technologies
Simufact-Americas has joined the Forging Industry Association (FIA) to “benefit from a direct access to valuable information and trends in the North American markets and is able to better get in touch with potential future customers,” according to its parent company, Simufact Engineering GmbH. Cleveland-based FIA represents 110 forging producers in North America, whose operations include more than 150 plants. As a member of FIA, Simufact-Americas plans to participate proactively in advanced research projects through the Forging Industry Educational and Research Foundation (FIERF), together with the North America’s leading universities and academic institutes. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, Simufact Engineering GmbH develops and supplies software and services for bulk metal forming. The membership was established in April this year, and the parent company states that Simufact-Americas will benefit from direct access to information and trends in the North American markets. Also, it will improve Simufact-Americas’ effort to reach potential customers. Simufact cited its successful appearance at FIA’s Forge Fair 2010 as an event that provided opportunities to highlight its products and news, and to present in-depth information about its flagship product, Simufact.forming "We joined the Forging Industry Association to be able to serve the North American forging industry in the best possible way," explained Simufact-Americas managing director Arjaan Buijk. "By being a member of the FIA, we are able to learn more about the common challenges of our North American customers and prospects within the forging industry. We are looking forward to working with industry partners on resolving these challenges by applying our forging simulation technology." Simufact indicates it will offer all members of FIA easier and more cost-efficient access to the forming simulation environment, Simufact.forming, to optimize their development and manufacturing processes.