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April 26, 2022
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The Vantage is 25% smaller and 28% lighter than its predecessor, but the design includes in-line optic systems that improve long-range measurement by 45% to up to 80 meters.

Compact Laser Tracker

Aug. 7, 2012
In-line optic systems improve long-range measurement Integrated Wi-Fi eliminates laptop connection Reduced measurement time

FARO Technologies Inc. introduced its Vantage laser tracker, the first portable device of its kind. New design functions expedite measurement routines for speed and efficiency, and the reductions in size and weight make it possible for the device to be carried on board an airplane and stored in an overhead bin. “The Vantage is a revolution,” stated FARO Laser Tracker director of product management Ken Steffey. “This device, and its combination of features, accuracy and portability, is unlike anything this industry has seen. The Vantage will be the standard for laser trackers going forward.”

Though the Vantage is 25% smaller and 28% lighter than its predecessor, FARO has included new in-line optic systems that improve long-range measurement by 45% to up to 80 meters (160 m diameter). Integrated Wi-Fi eliminates tethering to laptops. The result is a portable tracker that captures more measurements with fewer device moves, and shorter routines, than ever before. Along with standard shipping cases, the Vantage is packaged with an all-new backpack and roller board that can be stowed in an airline overhead compartment, so it can be transported anywhere, anytime, quickly and conveniently.

Two of the new features found only in the Vantage – SmartFind and MultiView – increase productivity by reducing measurement time. The SmartFind system responds to simple gestures from the operator and allows the Vantage to find the desired target quickly whenever its beam is lost or broken. The patent-pending MultiView system uses two integrated cameras so the operators can point automatically to specific, difficult-to-reach targets.

Another new feature is the water- and dust-resistant IP52 rating, so operators can rely on the Vantage through precipitation and moisture that can cause other laser trackers to fail. The device’s TruADM technology provides accuracy needed for everyday, real-world applications where the differences between absolute distance measurement (ADM) and interferometer (IFM)-based measurements are, for the most part, insignificant. Unlike technologies that require an IFM system to assist their ADM system, FARO’s TruADM simplifies the process. Enhanced, predictive algorithms in this patented, fifth-generation technology allow quicker capture of dynamic measurements by simply scanning with the target.

“FARO has developed a more portable, durable laser tracker that incorporates remarkable performance, ease-of-use and more. We’re proud to be able to introduce such a complete solution to the marketplace,” explained the company’s CEO, Jay Freeland.  “It truly is a no-compromise solution for our customers.”