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New Owner Combines Erie Press Systems, Ajax-CECO

June 19, 2019
Hydraulic, mechanical, and hammer forging presses comprise a "one-stop source".

Erie Press Systems is being combined by its new ownership with the Ajax-CECO business to offer forging operations a "one-stop, expedited domestic source for forging equipment".

Cleveland-based holding company ParkOhio announced its acquisition of Erie Press Systems in May. No value was reported for that purchase.

“By acquiring Erie Press Systems, we expand our engineering, manufacturing, and service capabilities, control costs more effectively, and benefit from economies of scale when working with our core suppliers,” says Ken Copeland, president of Ajax-CECO. “The goal is to become a one-stop provider of new, rebuilt, and remanufactured equipment for a variety of traditional and advanced forging applications, along with providing full service and timely support.”

Erie Press Systems, in Erie, PA, builds hydraulic presses for closed-die and open-die forging and ring-rolling, as well as stretch forming lines. The Ajax-CECO brand is known for mechanical and hammer forging presses.

ParkOhio has numerous manufacturing and supply chain logistics operations worldwide, including forging and thermal processing system suppliers as well as forging producers (Canton Drop Forge, Kropp Forge, Southwest Steel Processing) among the various brands in its portfolio.