Erie Press Systems
Erie Press new executives

Succession Plan in Place at Erie Press

June 17, 2020
Clark King and Bill Goodwin will take new roles overseeing management and product engineering for the hydraulic and mechanical press and machinery developer.

Erie Press Systems, a designer and manufacturer of custom hydraulic and mechanical presses and machinery for metal and non-metal forming, appointed two new executives: Clark W. King was named president and William Goodwin was named vice president of sales and engineering. Their appointments became effective on June 1, 2020.

Ajax-CECO president Ken Copeland announced the appointments as a part of the succession plan for Erie Press Systems. President Doug Currie will retire in December, after 22 years. In 2019, ParkOhio acquired Erie Press and consolidated it with Ajax-CECO, adding a parallel line hydraulic press and stretch forming equipment to Ajax-CECO's brand of mechanical and hammer forging presses.

King joined Erie Press Systems in 1994 as an accountant, advancing to CFO, Treasurer, and company director over 26 years. He has been vice president of Operations since 2017.

“Clark is an accomplished executive who has both the experience and management skills needed to lead Erie’s strong position and growth in our key industrial markets, especially our highly specialized forging and forming equipment for the aerospace, defense, auto, truck, off-road, oil-and-gas, primary metals, and high-speed rail," Copeland said.

Bill Goodwin is promoted to vice president of Sales and Engineering after having served as EPS sales manager since 2016. His new responsibilities include domestic and international sales, engineering processes for new capital equipment orders, refurbished presses, and replacement parts.

Over 43 years of service with Erie Press, Goodwin has developed experience in forging, compaction, forming, extrusion, molding, stretch forming, and other special press applications. He has been involved in "machine concepting," product development, and the sale of integrated press applications and systems in key market segments.

"His knowledge and experience in these areas make him uniquely well qualified to become vice president of both Sales and Engineering," according to an announcement.