Easy TeSys Product Line

Sept. 7, 2021
With contactors, overload relays, and motor controllers, Easy TeSys from Schneider Electric is an IEC offering for motor control and protection.

The Easy TeSys product line, based on Schneider’s full-featured TeSys line, offers an easy, simple solution with a short-circuit ratings range up to 35 kA at 480V. The line is a limited-feature set of high-quality motor control and protection products priced right for smaller panel builders, OEMs, system integrators, industrial contractors, and more. 


With contactors, overload relays, and motor controllers, along with simple accessories curated to save time, labor, and inventory costs, Easy TeSys is an IEC offering for motor control and protection with a feature set designed specifically for small customers and applications at an accessible price.


All Easy TeSys motor control and protection products are UL approved, easy to select, and easy to install. Some features include:

  • Contactors: 35 kA short-circuit current rating (with breaker), 1 million operations, IP20 finger-safe, front auxiliary contact option
  • Overload relays: 35 kA short-circuit current rating (with breaker), thermal trip Class 10, sealable cover, direct mount to DPE contactor
  • Manual motor controllers: Thermal trip Class 10, inrush protection (13 x Ir), IP20 finger-safe, lockable off position, sealable cover
  • Accessories: NO/NC auxiliary contacts, busbar links, manual motor controller-contactor link, IP41 & IP55 enclosures, stand-alone overload relay bracket

The accessory busbar link enables power to be distributed from one source to multiple motors, thereby reducing wiring time and labor costs. Enclosures are offered alongside the Easy TeSys manual motor controller to help meet line-of-sight code regulations where a local disconnect is needed.

  • 1 million electrical operations
  • 1 NO built-in aux
  • Front auxiliary contact option
  • 35 kA SCCR with breaker
Manual Motor Protectors
  • Pushbutton operation
  • Thermal Trip Class 10
  • Up to 35 kA group motor with Easy TeSys contactor
  • Suitable as motor disconnect 
Overload Relays
  • Thermal Trip Class 10
  • 35 kA SCCR with breaker