Expanded Capacity Bar Puller

March 17, 2021

For CNC lathe automation, the auto-adjusting bar puller EZ-Puller Expanded Capacity supports larger round bar diameters of .093 to 2.00 in. and weighs up to 100 lb. The auto-adjust feature is driven by an "X" value in the pulling subroutine of a lathe program, representing the distance the tool needs to move in the X-axis according to the bar diameter being pulled.


The patented design of the EZ-Puller uses a cam and lifter system: Hardened steel grippers are attached to hardened steel pivot arms which have an integral cam lobe machined at the top of the arm. As the grippers advance over the bar stock, internal urethane springs are compressed providing a reactive force that allows the grippers to securely hold the bar stock. This unique design provides optimal gripping force regardless of bar size or shape.


Other features include accommodating an infinite range of sizes within its capacity without mechanical adjustment, allowing for multiple pulls. The design of the EZ-Puller also allows for pulling bars with minimal projection in front of the work-holding chuck. This characteristic allows the machinist to set-up with as little as two gripper serrations (.120 in.) of engagement which makes for a more rigid setup. Hex bar capacity of .250 to 1.375 in. and square bar capacity of .250 to 1.000 in. are pulled without an M19 (spindle orientation) function.

  • Supports Round, Hex and Square bar stock
    • Round: .093 2.000 in. (52 mm)
    • Hex: .125 to 1.375 in.
    • Square: .125 to 1.000 in.
  • Mounting bar options accommodate most CNC Lathes, including low profile for tight clearance
    • Square: .75, 1.0 in., 20, 25 mm
    • Round: 1.0 in., 25 mm
    • Round Low Profile: 1.0 in., 25 mm
  • 60 day money-back guarantee
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Reliably repeatable over hundred of thousands of pulls
  • No gripping fingers to adjust, break or lose
  • No coolant required to operate
  • Reduces material wasted per part
  • Saves operator time
  • One-time easy set-up, easy to use
  • No adjustments needed mechanically
  • Innovative design is versatile, dependable, and easy to use
  • Set the x-axis endpoint in the program
  • Bar size can be changed in Seconds
  • Advanced low-mar gripper innovation maximizes grip
  • Designed and built durably to last