Mixpac Precision Dispenser

Dec. 7, 2019

Sulzer, the world’s leading manufacturer of systems for packaging, mixing and dispensing single and multi-component materials, has launched the next generation of pneumatic 2-component dispensers, MIXPAC DP2X. The tool is well-balanced and up to 35% lighter than comparable solutions which allow users to comfortably perform challenging and precise applications.


DP2X is a multi-ratio, pneumatic, 2-component dispenser that allows operators to apply accurate and repeatable amounts of material while ensuring maximum comfort. The tool is designed to support the latest MIXPAC cartridge systems from Sulzer while providing an ergonomic, lightweight and user-friendly experience to users.


Adhesive formulators and distributors can offer their cutting-edge products with an advanced tool by choosing Sulzer’s DP2X. Similarly, end users can experience a new level of accuracy, consistency, flexibility and dispensing control.


Sulzer’s latest solution also includes an advanced air regulation and an exhaust mechanism that create a highly responsive system. This allows users to carefully control the pressure applied in order to dispense material in a highly accurate and precise manner, whilst avoiding material dripping.


Moreover, the DP2X dispenser features a useful indicator rod on its frame, which helps users to see the volume of material remaining in the cartridge. Once empty, the cartridge release button ejects them easily and quickly.