LNS Turbo MH140 Filtering Chip Conveyor

Nov. 15, 2022
LNS America's LNS Turbo MH140 fits most machine coolant tanks.

The enhanced LNS Turbo MH140 filtering chip conveyor filters coolant to 0.0055 in. (140 µm). It is ideal for sliding headstock and multi-tasking machining centers that produce mixed chips of any size and geometry from a variety of materials, including aluminum, brass, cast iron, and more. Using the combination of a hinge belt to handle large and stringy chips and a dual layer technology filter box that removes fines while filtering coolant, MH140 prolongs coolant life, reduces tool wear, protects coolant pumps from damage, and reduces coolant tank maintenance.


MH140 fits most machine coolant tanks, and the small footprint saves floor space. A unique frame design using high-strength materials enables the conveyor to withstand extreme loads, torsional forces, and abrasion for trouble-free operation and long life.


The chip conveyor’s filtering box is self-cleaned during operation, making it virtually maintenance free. A patented Live Link feature allows fine chips to leave the cutting area between each belt flight, so chips cannot accumulate over time.