High-Speed Bundler

Nov. 7, 2018
Signode's bundler offers precise bundle compression and consistent strap tension and placement.

The SIG-VCS automatic corrugated cross strapping and squaring bundler is designed to strap standard folded boxes and provide high-speed bundling, squaring and strapping for variable package sizes and configurations. It offers precise bundle compression and consistent strap tension and placement, to produce up to 25 squared bundles per minute for single strap applications.  Flexible features like adjustable strap tension up to 10 levels and a control panel that can be set up in under a minute or automatically with the “teach feature”, makes it easy to integrate into any operation with ease and a promise of maximum productivity.  Package type and size can be changed in a matter of minutes, providing quick format changes and setup to keep production running at optimal speeds and reducing downtime. There is also an intuitive control panel comprised of self-explanatory pictograms-- changing the sequencing and patterns is as simple as following the pictures on the screen, allowing for straight forward operation and minimizing the chance for operator error.


The high-speed bundler features out-of-the-box operation. Incorporating Signode’s auto refeed technology, which automatically rethreads itself if a jam occurs and continues strapping, again, the SIG-VCS reduces downtime and increasing productivity. If the strap path does need opening, the machine comes complete with easy access guides, making the strap path fully accessible with just the lift of a handle. Unlike most competitive machines, the SIG-VCS features a segmented chute system instead of a plastic one.  Plastic chutes begin to break down after continuous cycling and require frequent replacement to achieve maximum throughput. Signode’s all metal chute system comes with a lifetime guarantee or up to 10 million cycles before replacement is needed saving thousands over the life of the machine and assures maximum reliability..