Augmented Reality Gauging

June 20, 2018
Marposs' off-line measurement solution offers 24/7 use thanks to a fast recharging Li-Ion battery.

At IMTS 2018 in the East Building, booth E-5516, Marposs will be demonstrating guided sequence gauging using augmented reality (AR). Visitors to this area of the booth will be provided AR glasses that guide them through a sequence of steps and measurements to check features on a cylinder head component using the Marposs iWave2 handheld wireless gauge and a Go/NoGo gauge. As visitors progress through the sequence, the perception will be that the measurement information is adhering to the workpiece.


I-Wave2 is the most advanced and precise solution for manual off-line measurement. This smart gauge monitors and improves our customers’ quality by providing the best measuring performance on the market (sub-micron precision), and, though Marposs Industrial computers, measurements storage and statistical analysis. By connecting the gauge with a variety of gaging heads, the i-Wave2 can measure all kinds of internal diameters (from 3 mm up), external diameters and gaps.


The I-Wave2 is an innovative rechargeable, wireless gauging handle with integrated 1.8 in. TFT color screen, able to display the measurement value directly in the operator's hand. By integrating a computer into the gauging handle, Marposs has achieved an unprecedented level of convenience and performance in manual gauging technology.


This AR experience is just one of many demonstrations occurring in the Marposs booth, where visitors will be provided a tour that illustrates how Marposs measurement and inspection solutions can be applied to improve manufacturing processes from before, during and after the machining operation.


Other stations will feature machine tools to demonstrate tool setting, probing, machine monitoring and robotic gauging. Additionally, there will be stations on dynamic grinding including its BLU single cable control system, bench gauging, automated machine inspection, and leak testing.  Nearly 50 Marposs’ products will be displayed or demonstrated at the show.

  • Immediate and easy visualization of the measurement value
  • Automatic display orientation
  • Able to work stand alone, programmable by Android phone/tablet
  • Quick replacement of gauging head
  •  It accepts any gauging head (plugs, snaps and depth both from Marposs and third party)
  • Possibility to measure as a stand-alone gauge
  •  Automatic measure upload to the gauge computer via  Bluetooth, up to 10m distance; memorization of the last measurement at bigger distance
  • 24/7 use thanks to fast recharging Li-Ion battery
  • No cable entanglement or breaks
  • Ergonomic design for both left and right handed operators