Ergonomic Magnifier Light

April 5, 2018
An all-in-one, ergonomic magnifier delivering light quality, efficiency and flawless magnification.

Waldmann Lighting introduces MLD, a complementary new addition to its magnifier luminaire portfolio. For any application where attention to detail is paramount, MLD magnifier luminaire features glare- and distortion-free 3.5 diopter magnification with a large, wide 6.3-inch diameter lens. 

Delivering bright, clear light with a 5000K color temperature and a color rendering index of RA>80, the MLD magnifier luminaire offers continuous dimming (100% to 10%), allowing for customization of light strength depending on the task at hand. The 2D head joint and wide magnifying field of vision, along with the strong Waldmann spring-balanced arm design, ensure ergonomic benefits in positioning as well as energy efficiency. 

Ready to light and magnify, the MLD is an all-in-one solution. The magnifier comes packaged with a table clamp, plug-in power supply, and lens cover to protect the lens from dust particles when not in use.