SnapWeld Collaborative Robot Welding Package

Dec. 8, 2017

The Collaborative Robot Welding Package developed by ARC Specialties Inc. and Universal Robots is a cobot-assisted, interactive welding system that can be deployed easily and flexibly in existing, manual welding booths, eliminating the need for costly new robotic cells.


The welding system integrated with the UR robot is comprised of a Profax wire feeder and water-cooled torch enabling welds up to 600 amps, with torch bracket, all cables, and hose packages included. The simplified programming is enabled through direct software integration into Universal Robots' own programming environment that will allow users to program advanced settings directly on the teach pendant that comes with the UR robot. Settings include features such as wire feed speed and burn back time, gas flow time, and crater fill time with instant feedback on welding volts and amps.

  • PWC-45-12 Mig welding torch with 5/8 in. ID nozzle
  • 16W45 Mig contact tips, .045, qty 25
  • 26W50R Mig nozzle, ½ in. ID
  • 228 Mig torch O-rings
  • 229 Mig torch insulating washer
  • 26HTI Mig torch insulator
  • 56W Mig torch gas diffuser
  • PRO II Wire feeder


  • Advanced Mode Functions
    Fly-in gas pre-flow time, strike volts command, strike wire feed speed, welding volts command, welding wire feed speed command, start motion delay, crater fill time, wire burn-back time, gas post-flow time 
  • Basic Mode Functions
    Gas pre-flow time, crater fill time, wire burn-back time, gas post-flow time 
  • Welding mode buttons (Both Advanced and Basic modes)
    Arc enable/disable, wire jog, gas purge
  • Real-time welding feedback (Advanced Mode only)
    Welding volts, welding Amps
  • Real-time welding control (Advanced Mode only)
    Welding volts command, welding wire feed speed command
  • Alarms (Both Advanced and Basic modes)
    Welding arc failure detect, stuck wire detect, erratic wire feed detect