Hercules Automated MIG Welding System

Sept. 15, 2022
The Hercules welding system from Miller significantly boosts welding productivity rates without the expense of adding more weld cells.

The Hercules single-wire, high-deposition, automated MIG welding system delivers a gain of up to 30% or more in deposition rates and corresponding productivity with no loss of weld quality. Ideal for medium to large manufacturing operations with robotic welding, specifically for those with long welds in the flat and horizontal welding positions, the system provides greater throughput without the expense of adding more automation welding cells.


The welding system combines Miller power source and wire-feed technology, a Tregaskiss torch, and a specialized Hobart metal-cored wire.


In many cases, the system doesn’t require all-new welding automation, allowing operations to use equipment that’s already in place. The Hercules system also offers simple integration, since it’s easy to set up and install for EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet or Analog protocols.


  • High-deposition automated welding
  • Long welds
  • Flat or horizontal welding position