MR4WELD Mobile Welding Robot

Sept. 13, 2023
Comau's welding robot, designed to increase welding quality and safety, autonomously welds up to 558 ft (170 m) of steel in a single shift.

The MR4Weld (Mobile Robot for Welding) mobile robot, is an innovative outdoor automation solution to improve quality, performance, and well-being during labor-intensive welding activities.


It features a high-payload, 6-axis articulated robot fitted with a welding torch that is installed on a tracked undercarriage and equipped with an integrated vision system to autonomously identify welding joints. More importantly, it guarantees better welding quality while reducing ergonomic risks, helping the transformation of the production process by ensuring greater flexibility and improved safety in addition to lower overall costs.


Designed to be able to move in any environment and to collaborate with workers, MR4Weld can be managed by a single person during the transfer and welding activities. The system also employs digital tools to collect welding and production data that can be used to record the welded joints.


The mobile robot can autonomously weld up to 558 ft (170 m) of steel in a single shift and can be used without fences on each of the multiple decks that a vessel is made up of.

  • Automated on-site welding in outdoor and unstructured environments
  • Up to 3x faster than manual welding
  • Promotes upskilling opportunities for workers