Jan. 28, 2006

The VR120-15 provides nine fully regulated 120VAC/15AMP outlets (NEMA 5-15R) and is an ideal solution for Communications, Military, Broadcast, Data Center, and Medical and Aerospace industries. The VR120 is designed to be connected to a 120V/15A input. For overload protection, a 15AMP electro-magnetic circuit breaker with a trip-guard is provided on the front panel, which also doubles as the systems main on/off switch.

A front panel LED Bar Graph monitors the incoming voltage, and indicates low or high voltage input. Output voltage LEDs inform the user to "In Regulation" or "Extreme Shutdown" conditions including out of range voltage or extreme heat conditions, which automatically shut down the VR120. To promote a secure power input connection, the VR120 comes with a power input cable strain-relief system and an 8' power cable for connection to a 120V/15A power source (NEMA 5-15P).

Studies have shown that voltage fluctuation is much more common than power outages. This allows the VR120-15 to be used in place of more costly UPS installations and avoids the cost of maintaining and replacing batteries. The VR120-15 is also ideal for locations where utility regulation is poor, preventing damage to power supplies from over-voltage and under-voltage stress. Your equipment will benefit from better performance and extended life, reducing total cost of ownership. The VR120-15 has a list price of $899. There are volume, reseller and OEM discounts available.