UV Adhesive Dispenser Provides Fast, Consistent Application

April 18, 2006

East Providence, RI USA – EFD’s 2400 Dispensing Workstation provides fast, precise application of UV- and light-cure adhesives in benchtop assembly processes. It increases productivity, process control and quality by using a precision air regulator and microprocessor-controlled timer to eliminate all guesswork from the dispensing process, so that a consistent amount of adhesive is applied to each part.

The amount of adhesive dispensed is determined by a combination of air pressure, tip size and dispense time, which can be adjusted in .0001 second increments for extremely precise control of deposit size.

Adhesive is contained in a disposable syringe barrel that can either be held like a pen or mounted on a flexible arm that leaves operators’ hands free to manipulate parts. Syringe barrels are available in two versions: dark amber to block UV wavelengths from

240-550 nm, and opaque black for complete protection of light-sensitive materials. To apply a consistent amount of adhesive on every part, the operator simply positions the dispense tip and taps an electric foot pedal.

For international compatibility, all dispenser settings can be viewed in English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean or Spanish on a large LCD, in standard or metric increments.

A unique system of mounting panels and accessories allows the 2400 Workstation to be customized for specific applications. Options include a flexible task light, 1.7X magnifier for precision work, flexible syringe barrel mounting arm, and ergonomic grip with a touch-sensor finger switch and LED spotlight to illuminate the dispensing area.

EFD, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nordson Corporation. Nordson Corporation, now in its 50th year of operations, is the world’s leading producer of precision dispensing equipment. Nordson and EFD systems apply adhesives, sealants and coatings to a broad range of consumer and industrial products during manufacturing operations, helping customers meet quality and productivity targets.