Micro-Lite® Intros Fully Variable LED-based Illuminator; Long Life, Low Cost, Energy-saving Light Source

May 2, 2006

Three Rivers, Massachusetts, USA – Micro-Lite®, the world’s leading supplier of microscope illumination sources, announces the availability of a new fully variable LED-based microscope light source, the LV-1000. Light-Emitting Diodes (LED’s) are the light source of the future, replacing filament bulbs in an increasing number of applications. LED’s have many times the working life of filament bulbs, use considerably less energy, and are compact, flicker-free, stable, and feature a Kelvin Color of 6200 degrees.

Now, Micro-Lite® has incorporated them into a fully variable microscope lighting system that offers low cost - $129.00 USD list price – as well as all the benefits of 360-degree, shadow-free uniform illumination; low voltage requirement for energy cost savings; reduced glare; and more. The operator’s ability to control brightness (full variability – 25% to 100% range) of this white light source means that the brightness can be controlled to optimally suit the viewing requirements of each individual application.

Additionally, the LV-1000’s compact design allows maximum working room under the microscope, and it will fit most microscopes in use today.

Micro-Lite® is the leading supplier of microscope illumination products, featuring fluorescent ring lights along with fiberoptic annulars and dual point goosenecks. Micro-Lite® exclusively provides full spectrum lighting as a standard to the microscope lighting industry. Micro-Lite illumination products fit most microscopes and all Stereo-zoom based production microscopes on the market.