Shelving for Efficient Order Picking

June 21, 2017
UNEX provides a replacement solution for wheel rails

A replacement solution for plastic wheel rails, the Shelf Track easily fits into existing racks and shelves for sturdy, efficient, and accessible pick points for workers. Using steel roller lanes that provide 300% more surface area than its counterpart, it reduces carton imprinting and eliminates product hand-ups. The full-width steel rollers with steel channel and axles are durable and provide a higher capacity with lower maintenance. 


The UNEX Shelf Track offers wheel beds instead of rollers to increase flexibility for slotting, proving 90% left to right bay usage. The wheel beds allow cartons to flow forward when the carton in front is removed, preventing the worker from having to reach into the rack to pull it forward, which can cause stress on the worker’s back.


  • Eliminates hang-ups
  • Low maintenance or replacement costs
  • Unrivaled flow
  • Works with any shelf
  • Drop-in design delivers an efficient and accessible pick point for workers