Two New Heavy-Duty Ratcheting Cable Cutters

June 9, 2006
CHICAGO, IL – May 2006 – Klein Tools is introducing two new heavy-duty ratcheting cable cutters (Cat. No. 63600 and 63750) for larger capacities.

Both cable cutters feature a high leverage ratchet mechanism that makes it easier to single-handedly cut copper and aluminum cables without leaving burrs or sharp edges.

Compact in design for confined work spaces, Klein® ratcheting cable cutters are intended for specific applications including overhead service connections, padmount transformer terminations, utility splice boxes, vaults, trenches and pedestals, underground distribution cables, metering terminations, network vaults and manholes. The ratcheting cable cutters have the following maximum capacities: for Cat. No. 63600, copper, 600 MCM, aluminum, 600 MCM and communication cable, 1-3/4" and for Cat. No. 63750, copper, 1,000 MCM, aluminum, 1,000 MCM and communication cable, 2-1/16".

A quick release opens the cable cutter’s blades easily in every cutting position, allowing for removal of the cable before the cut is completed. The precision ratcheting mechanism holds the cable tight, and permits rapid, straight cuts with minimum effort. For easy transporting and to fit in a toolbox or bag, a locking lever keeps the handles closed.

The new ratcheting cable cutters are quality constructed with hardened steel cutting blades to ensure lasting strength and sharpness. Attractive red plastic-covered handles with hand guards provide a comfortable, firm grip. Klein Tools offers a one-year warranty on the cable cutters.

Klein Tools is a leading manufacturer of professional hand tools and occupational protective equipment.