Laser Thru-Beam Sensor

June 16, 2006
Hewlett, New York - Component Engineering introduces a new Laser Sensor. This unique sensor can reliably recognize an object as small as a (0.05mm) max. distance of 50 meters.

The visible through beam arrangement offers, simple focus adjustment and a reaction time of 100 micro seconds. Housed in a tough, hygienic stainless steel housing, the sensor can be used in numerous previously difficult to resolve applications e.g.-

  • Control overall height of object
  • Presence or position check in hostile environment
  • Remote sensing of tool breakage
  • Detection of breaks and tears in yarn or filaments in textile or wire winding machinery.
  • Clear plastic bottle detection.
  • Stack height monitoring. Lateral reflections do not present any problems
Since the sensor operates in Laser Protection Class 2 with less than 1 mw output, they impose no hazard for the operator. Voltage range is between 10-30 VDC, and no additional amplifier is required.