Ultra-Light Analog Servo Amplifier

July 21, 2006
Westford, MA, June 19, 2006- Elmo Motion Control, Inc. introduced the “Castanet,” an ultra-light, .76 oz [21.5 g], analog servo amplifier. Available in two different models, the 60-volt Castanet furnishes a continuous current level of up to 3.3 amps (60 volts input) and the 100-volt model provides 2.5 amps. This 330 watt peak and 180 watt continuous miniature servo amplifier delivers high power density. The Castanet can operate as a current mode standalone device or as an integral part of a multi-axis motion system best used by OEM’s. With Elmo’s FASST highly efficient technology, there is no need for any additional external cooling up to 40C ambient. The Elmo Motion Control Castanet operates from a DC power source in current mode and controls both DC brush and brushless motors. External power supplies are used to support 7.5 – 96 volt operation. Important operating features include excellent servo performance, very high current loop bandwidth (> 4KHz), high output linearity, top efficiency and unbeatable reliability (MTBF > 550,000 hours). The Castanet servo drive is small and light enough to be soldered directly on the application’s PCB. The Castanet is rugged enough to be mounted to the motor housing or in close proximity to the motor which significantly saves space, space, cabling labor and cost. The Castanet complies with all relevant industrial standards such as UL508c, EN60204, UL60950 and CE EMC. The Castanet servo amplifier incorporates Elmo’s proprietary technologies realized by full custom dedicated ICs for control and power. • Minimum Supply Voltage VDC – 20 • Nominal Supply Voltage VDC – 85 • Maximum Supply Voltage VDC – 95 • Maximum continuous power output W – 240 • Peak current limit A - 2 x Ic • Weight A - 21.5 g (0.76 oz) • Dimensions mm (in) - 51 x 12.5 x 42 (2" x .49" x 1.65") • Mounting method - PCB mount (with 2 mm pitch, 0.51 mm sq. pins)