DataSure 4.0 Wireless Data Collection

Aug. 10, 2022
The L. S. Starrett Company's DataSure 4.0 operates on the latest wireless networking technology.

An advanced wireless data collection system for acquiring precision measurement data, DataSure 4.0 features data security, multiple gateways, a compact size, and high speed. It operates on the latest wireless networking technology that uses short-wave radio frequencies to interconnect cell phones, computers, and wireless electronic devices, enabling fast speed, greater bandwidth, and longer range for higher data throughput. It is ideal for larger manufacturing operations or multiple facilities as data can be transmitted hundreds of yards.


DataSure 4.0 features higher bit rates and a very high-speed connection of less than 50ms of data travel time. It has an ultra-low latency network that enables high data volumes to be processed without delay, even at full capacity. Users of DataSure 4.0 can utilize multiple gateways which serve as central or distributed points for data collection.


DataSure 4.0 is built on a highly secure proprietary wireless platform. Transported data is encrypted using a multi-layered approach that absolutely prevents any outside access to the data, whether passive or active.


With DataSure 4.0, a network topology can be configured to many simple or complex situations; distributed remote gateways can also be utilized. Data is transmitted from gages that have either built-in radio transmitters or externally-mounted end nodes to gateways. It is operable on Android or IOS mobile platforms and Windows-based computers including laptops, desktop PCs, thin client PCs, and servers. DataSure 4.0 repeater and bridge components can also connect directly to PLCs and other high-speed serial automation equipment for real-time data collection or remote machine operation.

  • Backpack radio/end node
  • USB gateway
  • Remote gateway
  • Repeater
  • Bridge
  • Yagi