Sept. 14, 2006
Mokon introduces the newly redesigned HF-2 Series Heat Transfer Fluid System. It offers energy efficiency and reduced space requirements for large flow and higher heating capacity applications. The HF-2 Series provides accurate temperature control up to 600 degreesF to keep machinery working at peak performance. "The new HF-2 Series was redesigned to minimize space requirements while improving performance through continuous, accurate temperature control," says Jeff Mallon, sales manager for Mokon. "Each system is built with high quality components and built-in safeties to assure our customers receive the reliability and dependability they expect from Mokon systems." The HF-2 Series has welded construction to minimize threaded connections. The new heater offers a newly designed 12 kw heater canister mounted in the traditional Mokon "horizontal forced fluid flow" design. The all-welded piping design streamlines internal piping to limit potential leak points, resulting in reduced cabinet size and required floor space. The system also features Mokon's unique "continuous flow" cool oil reservoir design to ensure accurate and safe process temperature control and cooling. Mokon's HF-2 Series systems are available in single- and dual-zone configurations, with pumping capacities of 40 to 60 GPM. Various heating capacities up to 96 kw are offered to match individual process requirements. With several safety features integrated into Mokon HTF Systems, the HF-2 Series guards the operator and the system during operation. All Mokon HTF systems are designed to meet and exceed NFPA 79 (National Fire Protection Association) electrical standards and come standard with a UL labeled electrical sub-panel.