Microflex® Peristaltic Pump

Nov. 8, 2006
Barnant Company introduces Microflex®, a new line of extremely compact and durable Masterflex® peristaltic pumping systems designed for installation in small instrumentation, such as in OEM clinical, diagnostic, laboratory dispensing, sampling, analyzing, and food/beverage applications. Microflex pumps provide for precisely controlled transfer of liquids and sample dispense, with or without vacuum or pressure, in a “micro” footprint – just 1.50” x 2.125”, exclusive of finger tabs. Microflex pumps offer enhanced and versatile performance in an ultra-compact design. With flow ranges from 3 µ/min to 30 ml/min and pressures to 2 bars, the tiny instrument-quality peristaltic pumps provide a cost-effective alternative to syringe pumps. Microflex pumps accept a range of microbore tubing types/sizes and a number of motor configurations are available. Microflex pumps are self-priming, can operate dry without damage, are suitable for slurries and viscous liquids, and contain no valves or seals. Fluid only contacts the tubing, providing for contamination-free pumping – and clean-up is easy. A fixed occlusion bed provides for quick setup, easy tube changes, and consistent flow accuracy. No manual adjustment is required, either – occlusion is set when the pump head cover is closed. With a well-balanced range of capacities and flexibility, excellent repeatability and optimal chemical resistance, Barnant’s Masterflex pumps provide numerous advantages over other pump designs for meeting the challenges of essential dispensing, sampling and analyzing applications. • Flow Range : 1.3 microliters to 43 ml/min • Pressure : 37 PSIG (2.5 Bar) • Number of channels : One • Reversible : Yes • External Control : None • Motor type (standard) : Permanent magnet DC • Motor Size : 27 watts • Pump head materials : Delrin, 316 Stainless steel, glass-filled PBT • Dimensions (L x W x H - in.) : 4.22 x 2.13 x 1.5