Solutions™ by NoTrax® Lets You Design Safety Matting On-Demand For Your Specific Application

Jan. 19, 2007
Chicago, Illinois – November 2006 – Superior Manufacturing Group (SMG), Introduces the Solutions™ by NoTrax® product family consisting of a series of specially formulated rubber compounds designed specifically to attack the most difficult problems found for industrial safety matting. These products are built for applications with extreme requirements that may include the need for fire retardant matting, (ESD) anti-static/dissipative or conductive properties, anti-microbial matting, or resistance to harsh industrial chemicals…even brake fluid. What really sets Solutions apart from the competition is the ability to mix and match these compounds to target very specific applications needs. You select the properties you need in a safety mat for your application, and we’ll do the rest. “No one knows their application better than the end-user”, states Vince DePhillips, President of Superior Manufacturing Group. “Whether they need an anti-static or conductive mat that is fire retardant, or a brake fluid resistant mat that is fire retardant and has s grit surface for added traction, with Solutions™, we can address each of their own individual needs, and manufacture a mat for them that will stand up to their specific application.” Solutions™ by NoTrax® is based on the NoTrax® Cushion-Ease® series and comes in both solid top or perforated designs to allow for drainage of liquid and debris away from the worker platform. Solutions™ products are also compatible with the patented M.D. Ramp system offering easy access off of and on to the mat reducing trip hazards. In addition, the ramps are made from the same rubber compounds as the matting offering similar functionality and increasing the life of the ramp. Solutions™ products are easy to assemble on-site to accommodate the need for custom configurations. Superior Manufacturing Group is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois with additional manufacturing and distribution facilities in Georgia, Mississippi, and The Netherlands. For over 50 years, Superior has been dedicated to serving the needs of the floor matting industry with quality products, customer service, and sales support. Superior’s NoTraxÒ family of floor matting products can be found in a wide variety of applications for the industrial and commercial markets.